cropped-jason-pajak11.jpgWelcome to Merrillville Animal Hospital!31890794_1700478686712514_4054934750786224128_n

Our team welcomes you to the Merrillville Animal Hospital, a full-service veterinary practice in Northwest, Indiana.

Our mission is to strengthen the bond between pets and owners by offering affordable veterinary care that will improve the quality and longevity of our pet’s lives.

We offer our patient forms online for completion at the convenience of home of office. You can fax or email the completed form(s) or bring it with you the day of appointment.

Patient Forms

Please check our What’s New section to find out what’s next for Merrillville Animal Hospital!

What’s New

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have my personal commitment that your pet will receive the same care and commitment that I provide my own pets. If not, I want to hear from you on what we can do better. Contact Us

Dr. Alicia Gustafson

Toby 2
Toby enjoying some freedom


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