Regular vaccinations are one of the cornerstones of good preventive health care for dogs26815511_10213530864403379_1693284635308334070_n and cats. When administered by your veterinarian, vaccines provide cost-effective protection against infectious and contagious diseases for both pets and people. No single vaccine program will be ideal for every pet in every situation, and that’s why we will work on an individualized basis with you and your pet to make sure they are getting just what they need to remain healthy. Our well educated team of doctors and staff can help offer you some of the best advice regarding your pet’s vaccination plan, which can help lead to many unforgettable years of health and wellness. Our pets are faced with many deadly infectious diseases, and vaccines can help protect them. Over the years, vaccines against dangerous diseases have saved millions of pets and virtually eliminated some fatal diseases that were once common.

At Merrillville Animal Hospital, we follow the guidelines for canine vaccination set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association. Answer the questions in the lifestyle based vaccine calculator to help us determine which vaccines your pet needs!

Canine Vaccine Guidelines AAHA

10 Things You Need to Know About Vaccine Guidelines

Lifestyle Based Vaccine Calculator for Dogs

Additionally, we follow the guidelines for feline vaccination set forth by the AmericanKittens1Association of Feline Practitioners. Adult feline vaccination is just as important as vaccination of kittens and dogs, even though you may not allow your cat outdoors. If you do allow your cat outside, it is recommended to vaccinate against Feline Leukemia Virus annually once they have tested negative for the disease. At Merillville Animal Hospital, we only want to vaccinate your pets for what is necessary. Please discuss your cat’s lifestyle with your veterinarian so they can recommend the most appropriate vaccination schedule for your pet.

Feline Vaccination Guidelines AAFP

Rabies vaccination is required by law and below are some frequently asked questions regarding rabies immunization.

Rabies Vaccination FAQ Indiana

If more than 6 weeks has lapsed since your pet’s last vaccines, it is recommended that the series is restarted in order to comply with vaccine guidelines. This is not only costly, but added stress to your pet, so try to keep your appointments! Antibody testing can be done, but is generally more expensive.

Overdue for Vaccines