What’s New

In the last 4 months, we have all been busy little bees. Our treatment and grooming area got a fresh coat of paint. Donna received a new electric grooming table and a new area to work in. Pharmacy also received a fresh coat of paint and some upgraded lighting.

We are excited to get a new diagnostic tool in the near future! More about that soon!

Hours of Operation

Our hours are NOT changing, but we do have extra appointment times and more surgery dates available. We are able to perform surgery 5 days a week and have appointments available every 15-30 minutes. Please call to find out how we can accommodate your pet’s needs.

Electronic Record Keeping

We have already started to implement some new technology in the building. We have internet service and have upgraded our software, which allows us to book appointments and surgeries months in advance using an electronic system. We are looking forward to complete electronic record keeping in the future!


We are very excited for the installation of a new radiograph (xray) machine that will allow us to take xrays much quicker, eliminate the processing component, and enable us to email a copy of your pet’s xrays to you, another veterinary clinic, or a referral institute in seconds!


Additionally, we will have the capacity to perform blood tests at our facility and provide those results within minutes. This is ideal for surgery patients to have their blood run the day of the procedure and for sick patients, who shouldn’t have to wait 24 hours or more for a diagnosis and treatment.

We have recently acquired a new diagnostic tool that allows us to perform a complete urinalysis in less than 15 minutes. This aids in the immediate detection of urinary tract infections, crystalluria, bladder stones, protein loss in the urine, glucose in the urine, and much much more!

We also have the ability to check a pet’s thyroid levels and detect if a patient has pancreatitis within minutes!